The project

Gluskin Sheff, a longstanding partner of Chris Noon Creative Inc. with a collaborative history spanning over six years, tasked us with creating a comprehensive client review book. As their trusted design partner, we undertook the challenge of designing a visually engaging and informative book that would encapsulate their investment insights and performance over time. Furthermore, we were tasked with developing a dynamic PowerPoint template seamlessly integrated with live data, empowering the Gluskin Sheff team to update and present their information effortlessly.

Design Process: Our design journey commenced with an in-depth exploration of Gluskin Sheff’s existing brand identity, investment insights, and client communication preferences. We meticulously studied their content to ensure that the essence of their financial expertise was effectively conveyed in our design. Collaborating closely with their team, we identified key sections, data points, and design elements that would serve as the foundation of the client review book.

For the PowerPoint template, we aimed to balance aesthetic appeal with data-driven functionality. Informed by Gluskin Sheff’s brand guidelines, we established a visual framework to seamlessly accommodate live data updates while preserving the overall design aesthetics.

Solution: Our design solution for the client review book revolved around creating a cohesive and visually engaging narrative. We skillfully integrated complex data visualizations, performance metrics, and investment insights with elegant typography and imagery. The book encapsulated Gluskin Sheff’s expertise in a reader-friendly manner, allowing clients to comprehend intricate financial data effortlessly.

The dynamic PowerPoint template was designed to accommodate Gluskin Sheff’s live data updates efficiently. We constructed a flexible framework where data could be effortlessly plugged in while maintaining the design’s integrity. The template was built with intuitive placeholders, ensuring that the Gluskin Sheff team could easily update and customize the content.

Results: The client review book served as a powerful tool in Gluskin Sheff’s client communication arsenal. The elegantly designed book effectively communicated their investment insights, performance metrics, and strategic expertise. Clients could navigate through intricate data visualizations while appreciating the cohesive design that represented Gluskin Sheff’s brand.

The dynamic PowerPoint template streamlined Gluskin Sheff’s data-driven review books. With live data integration and an easily updatable design, the template empowered their team to create review books that were visually compelling and content-rich effortlessly.

Conclusion: The collaborative effort between Chris Noon Creative Inc. and Gluskin Sheff culminated in the creation of a visually engaging and informative client review book. The live data integration in the dynamic PowerPoint template exemplified our commitment to combining design excellence with functional utility. Through this project, we reinforced Gluskin Sheff’s commitment to transparent communication, brand consistency, and client engagement.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design
  • Microsoft Office Build