The project

Gluskin Sheff recognized the importance of their quarterly report as a crucial touchpoint with their clients and sought to elevate its impact. They needed a Microsoft Office template that could be easily updated each quarter with new content and equipped with the tools to format various types of content within the report.

Design Process: To begin, we focused on understanding the purpose of the document, how source material would be received, and the specific types of content that would require formatting, such as tables and charts. We presented several design options for review and engaged in a collaborative process to identify a design that satisfied all stakeholders. Drawing from our previous experience working on various Gluskin Sheff projects, we leveraged existing Microsoft styles to ensure consistent formatting of text, tables, and charts.

Solution: Building upon the strengths of the Gluskin Sheff brand, we incorporated their Orange accent colour throughout the Quarterly Report template. The cover featured a solid Orange background, while Orange accents were used selectively within the template. Full and half-page images were strategically employed to enhance storytelling and provide visual differentiation between sections. All charts and tables adhered to the Gluskin Sheff branding guidelines, and additional accent colours could be used when appropriate. The template was designed for ease of use and updates.

Results: The templates have been successfully employed to create engaging quarterly reports for Gluskin Sheff’s client base. Furthermore, this design has served as the foundation for several other document types we have developed.

Conclusion: By thoroughly understanding the Gluskin Sheff brand, their visual communication expectations for the Quarterly Report, and their requirement for easy updates, we were able to deliver a powerful template that consistently produces stunning reports.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design
  • Microsoft Office Build