The project

With a longstanding partnership spanning over six years, Gluskin Sheff has entrusted Chris Noon Creative Inc. with their design needs. Among the various projects, an integral aspect has been the creation of a series of captivating advertisements. These ads aimed to effectively communicate Gluskin Sheff’s brand message, investment insights, and unique value proposition to their audience. The campaign focused on the synergy between strong typography and powerful imagery to arrest readers’ attention and convey a compelling narrative.

Design Process: Our collaborative design process kicked off with an in-depth exploration of Gluskin Sheff’s brand identity, core values, and investment philosophy. Understanding their ethos, we embarked on a journey to conceptualize designs that would encapsulate their message in a visually striking manner. With a firm grasp of their brand, we examined the interplay of typography and imagery that would resonate with their audience.

Crafting these advertisements involved leveraging their established brand, and choosing imagery that would align with Gluskin Sheff’s established visual language. We worked closely with their team to ensure that every design element exuded their brand’s essence and commitment to excellence.

Solution: The ongoing advertising for Gluskin Sheff hinged on the harmonious fusion of bold typography and evocative imagery or in some cases, powerful typographic ads. Each design was meticulously crafted to present messaging in a visually digestible format. The branded ad format, presented Gluskin Sheff’s message with clarity and authority.

Paired with the typography, the imagery used in the campaign was chosen for its emotive resonance and thematic relevance. The visuals were carefully curated to reinforce the narrative of the advertisement while eliciting a strong emotional response from the audience.

Results: The ongoing advertising proved to be a resounding success for Gluskin Sheff. The designs captured readers’ attention, drawing them into the advertisement’s narrative and delivering key messages with precision. The ads effectively communicated Gluskin Sheff’s investment insights, market analysis, and brand philosophy.

These advertisements became a cornerstone of Gluskin Sheff’s marketing efforts, consistently engaging their audience and bolstering their brand presence. The synergy between typography and imagery contributed to creating a cohesive visual identity that was instantly recognizable and aligned with their brand values.

Conclusion: Through the collaborative partnership between Gluskin Sheff and Chris Noon Creative Inc., the ongoing advertising achieved its goal of combining strong typography and powerful imagery to communicate Gluskin Sheff’s messaging in an engaging manner. The designs effectively captured readers’ attention, delivering Gluskin Sheff’s insights and brand narrative with impact and clarity.

Our involvement

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