The project

Gluskin Sheff, a valued Chris Noon Creative Inc. client, sought to enhance their client communication strategy by developing a series of client-focused articles. The objective was to design and build flexible Microsoft Word templates that would enable the creation of visually appealing and informative articles to be distributed to their existing clients.

Design Process: Our collaboration with Gluskin Sheff commenced with a comprehensive understanding of their communication goals and content requirements. We gained insights into their branding, content structure, and distribution needs through detailed discussions. This information was vital in crafting templates that aligned seamlessly with their brand identity.

The design process involved designing a set of versatile Microsoft Word templates that catered to various types of articles. Each template was carefully structured to accommodate different content elements, including text, images, charts, and infographics. We meticulously selected fonts, colour palettes, and formatting styles that reflected Gluskin Sheff’s professional image and visual consistency.

To ensure ongoing usability and efficient content creation, we implemented best practices in template design. We created sections with predefined styles and formatting options, enabling Gluskin Sheff’s team to easily input and format content while maintaining a cohesive look and feel.

Solution: The Gluskin Sheff Client Article Templates project resulted in a collection of user-friendly Microsoft Word templates that enabled the creation of engaging and informative client articles. Each template provided a framework that preserved Gluskin Sheff’s brand integrity while accommodating the diverse nature of content topics.

The templates incorporated consistent header and footer sections, ensuring that each article carried Gluskin Sheff’s branding elements and contact information. Smartly designed text styles, headings, and bullet points facilitated easy content formatting. Placeholder image spaces and pre-styled captions allowed for seamless inclusion of visuals.

Results: By implementing the Client Article Templates brought forth a range of benefits for Gluskin Sheff. Their team found the templates intuitive and efficient, enabling them to focus on content creation rather than formatting. This streamlined process resulted in quicker article production and more consistent visual branding.

The templates empowered Gluskin Sheff to maintain a strong brand presence in client communications. The flexibility of the templates accommodated various types of articles, from market insights to investment perspectives, allowing Gluskin Sheff to communicate with their diverse client base effectively.

Conclusion: The Gluskin Sheff Client Article Templates project exemplified our commitment to designing solutions that enhance communication and productivity. By designing and building user-friendly Microsoft Word templates, we empowered Gluskin Sheff to create engaging articles that conveyed their expertise and insights to their existing clients.

Our emphasis on best practices in template design ensured that Gluskin Sheff’s team could consistently produce visually appealing articles without the need for extensive formatting. This project showcased the seamless design, functionality, and branding integration, resulting in efficient and effective client communication.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design
  • Microsoft Office Build