The project

Gluskin Sheff, a long-standing collaborator with Chris Noon Creative Inc., embarked on a project to streamline their processes by transitioning to interactive PDF forms. The objective was to design and build a range of complex interactive forms that would enhance efficiency, accuracy, and user experience across various departments within the organization.

Design Process: Our partnership began with comprehensively exploring Gluskin Sheff’s existing form requirements and processes. Understanding the intricacies of their workflows, data needs, and user interactions was pivotal in designing effective interactive PDF forms. We collaborated closely with Gluskin Sheff’s teams to gain insights into their needs and challenges.

The design process entailed crafting form layouts that maintained a user-friendly experience while accommodating complex data entry requirements. Collaborative discussions led to creating of designs that mapped out the form’s structure and interactivity. Throughout this phase, we ensured the design aligned seamlessly with Gluskin Sheff’s brand identity.

Solution: The Gluskin Sheff Interactive PDF Forms emerged as a result of the meticulous design and development process. Each form was tailored to meet the specific needs of different departments, ranging from client onboarding to data collection. The interactive elements facilitated efficient data entry, validation, and processing.

The forms were designed to be intuitive, with user-friendly navigation and clear visual cues. Complex data fields were streamlined using smart design practices, ensuring users could complete the forms accurately and efficiently. Dropdowns, checkboxes, and input fields were strategically placed to enhance usability.

Results: The implementation of Interactive PDF Forms yielded significant benefits for Gluskin Sheff. The streamlined data entry and validation process reduced errors and minimized manual data handling. Users across departments found the forms more convenient and time-efficient, increasing productivity.

The interactive forms also reinforced Gluskin Sheff’s brand consistency, with the design elements echoing the organization’s visual identity. The forms provided a seamless experience, strengthening the communication between Gluskin Sheff and its clients.

Conclusion: The Gluskin Sheff Interactive PDF Forms exemplified the power of effective collaboration in streamlining processes. Through meticulous design and development, we successfully transformed complex data entry requirements into user-friendly interactive forms. The results were improved efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction across various departments.

Our partnership with Gluskin Sheff allowed us to create customized solutions catering to their unique needs while maintaining a consistent brand presence. The interactive forms project showcased our commitment to enhancing user experience and optimizing workflows through innovative design and technology.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive PDF Creation