The project

Gluskin Sheff, a long-standing client of Chris Noon Creative Inc., embarked on a comprehensive project to streamline their document creation process. They sought a diverse set of Microsoft Word templates to cater to their various document needs, ranging from long-form reports with cover pages and tables of contents to concise one-page documents. The overarching goal was to ensure a consistent and professional brand image across all their communications.

Design Process: Our collaboration with Gluskin Sheff commenced with an in-depth analysis of their document requirements and branding guidelines. Through thorough discussions, we gained insights into their specific needs for various document types and the design elements that would align with their established brand identity.

The design process involved crafting a suite of Microsoft Word templates tailored to different document formats. Each template was meticulously designed to provide a cohesive visual experience while accommodating the unique content demands of various documents. We focused on creating a consistent header and footer section across templates to ensure uniform branding presence.

The templates’ structural elements were designed with flexibility in mind. We incorporated placeholders titles, subtitles, and body content, while maintaining a balance between readability and visual appeal. Styles for headings, body text, bullet points, and captions were carefully chosen to maintain a polished and professional look.

Solution: The Gluskin Sheff Document Template Suite project resulted in a versatile collection of Microsoft Word templates, addressing a wide array of document needs. The suite included templates for long-form reports, executive summaries, presentations, proposals, and single-page documents. Each template adhered to Gluskin Sheff’s branding guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.

The templates incorporated consistent font usage, color palettes, and header/footer layouts. The structure of each template was designed to efficiently guide document creators through the content creation process. Placeholder elements facilitated the inclusion of visuals and text, allowing Gluskin Sheff’s team to easily customize documents while maintaining brand consistency.

Results: The implementation of the Document Template Suite brought notable benefits to Gluskin Sheff’s document creation process. Their team gained the ability to quickly generate a wide range of documents, each carrying a consistent and polished brand image. The structured templates ensured that formatting remained uniform, enhancing the overall professional appearance of their communications.

The suite’s flexibility allowed Gluskin Sheff to efficiently produce documents of varying lengths and complexities. Whether creating in-depth reports or concise one-page documents, their team could focus on content creation while relying on the templates for formatting consistency.

Conclusion: The Gluskin Sheff Document Template Suite project exemplified our commitment to providing tailored design solutions that enhance efficiency and brand consistency. By developing a diverse range of Microsoft Word templates, we enabled Gluskin Sheff to produce a variety of documents while maintaining their professional brand image.

The seamless integration of branding elements, styles, and placeholders ensured that Gluskin Sheff’s team could create documents with ease. The templates’ user-friendly design contributed to streamlined document creation processes, allowing Gluskin Sheff to communicate effectively and professionally with their clients and stakeholders.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design
  • Microsoft Office Build