The project

Sam Brabender, a leader, coach, and entrepreneur, approached us to develop her branding.

Design process: The project began with an extensive discovery phase to understand Sam’s vision for her branding. We gained insights into her perspectives, business objectives, target markets, and preferences. With a clear understanding of her brand direction, we designed multiple logo concepts for review. Through iterative refinement, we arrived at a final logo suitable for print, digital, and social media.

Solution: Based on Sam’s love for sunflowers, we incorporated their shape, colours, and overall beauty into the logo. The stylized sunflower logo resonated powerfully with Sam and became a natural and fitting representation of her brand.

Results: The branding work done for Sam Brabender’s visual brand served as the foundation for her website and all future branded materials. The decisions made during this project were crucial in shaping her website’s overall look and feel.

Conclusion: Designing a personal brand is a complex task that differs from designing for a company. Personal branding is a visual representation of an individual and requires a deep understanding of their persona on both personal and professional levels. Ensuring that the final logo accurately reflects the person’s attributes and serves as an extension of their persona is essential.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design

Desktop version of website