The project

Following the redesign of the Rosenberg Research website, we were tasked with updating the design of their templates that would be used to produce their various reports to align with the newly established branding.

Design process: In collaboration with Rosenberg Research, we designed a common template that could be used across their various reports. The template allowed for customization with custom graphics, charts, tables, and infographic elements. For the Strategizer report, a custom dial was designed that could be easily updated from within Microsoft.

Solution: The final report templates were visually clean, aligned with the updated brand and user-friendly. They followed best practices for building templates within Microsoft Word and could be easily used to create new report types in the future.

Results: The templates were used on a daily basis to produce the reports that were distributed through Rosenberg Research’s subscription service.

Conclusion: By prioritizing the needs of Rosenberg Research for their usage of the templates, we ensured that the templates were designed and built to be easy to use. This streamlined the report creation process and minimized the need for custom formatting, reducing friction and improving efficiency during report document creation.

Our involvement

  • Graphic design
  • Microsoft Office template build