The project

Peak Pharma approached us to create a series of social media graphics to be used for their frequent job postings on LinkedIn. They wanted visually appealing graphics that would capture the attention of potential candidates.

Design process: To begin the design process, we reviewed Peak Pharma’s branded materials and sample job postings to understand their style and content. This helped us determine the type of graphics that would best complement their job postings. We designed several options for their review and refinement. We narrowed the choices to three final design options through collaboration and feedback. Once approved, we created the final graphics that could be used for their LinkedIn posts.

Solution: The final designs for the social media graphics were focused on simplicity and visual impact. We used strong colours and concise messaging to create eye-catching graphics that effectively stop people from scrolling past. The designs were carefully crafted to align with Peak Pharma’s brand identity and appeal to their target audience.

Results: Peak Pharma successfully utilized the social media graphics for their job postings over the following months, rotating them as needed. The graphics contributed to their social media presence and helped attract potential candidates to their job opportunities.

Conclusion: Designing social media graphics requires creating visually engaging and simple designs that capture attention in a fast-paced digital environment. By carefully considering Peak Pharma’s branding and target audience, we developed graphics that effectively communicated their job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Our involvement

  • Graphic design