The project:

Viral Essence approached us to work on the visual branding for Ashleigh Stoesser CPA Professional Corporation (ASP). Viral Essence provided a marketing strategy to ASP and was involved throughout the entire development process, offering strategic direction.

Design process: The project began with an extensive discovery phase led by Viral Essence. We gained insights into the founders’ perspective of ASP, their business objectives, target markets, and preferences. With a clear understanding of their brand direction, we designed multiple logo concepts for review. Through iterative refinement, we arrived at a final logo suitable for print, digital, and social media. Once the logo was approved, we designed the stationery and provided various concepts for review. After approval, we finalized the business card artwork for print.

Solution: The ASP brand features a stylized “A” icon with dimension and an upward point, representing growth and progress. The colour scheme incorporates blues, symbolizing trust and professionalism. The logo icon has a modern feel, while the typography uses a classic serif font, combining a sense of modernity with a hint of established tradition. These design elements aim to resonate with ASP’s clients and ensure the longevity of the logo and brand. The business card reflects the overall brand image.

Results: The branding work done for ASP’s visual brand was the foundation for their website and all future branded materials. The decisions made during this project were crucial in shaping their website’s overall look and feel.

Conclusion: Designing a visual brand is a complex task. The comprehensive discovery phase, conducted in collaboration with Viral Essence, allowed us to understand the company’s essence deeply, align with the owners’ brand vision, and determine the desired brand direction. By prioritizing the discovery process, we efficiently delivered a logo that met ASP’s expectations.

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