The project

Words on Point, a freelance writer, approached us to help design her branding, specifically focusing on creating a logo that would effectively represent her brand.

Design process: The project began with an extensive discovery phase to deeply understand Words on Point’s vision for her branding. We explored her perspectives, target markets, and design preferences through in-depth discussions. With a clear understanding of her brand direction, we designed multiple logo concepts for her review. Through an iterative refinement, we collaborated closely with Words on Point to arrive at a final logo that would be versatile for print, digital, and social media applications.

Solution: Given that Words on Point is a freelance writer with significant experience, we aimed to create a modern-looking logo that incorporated elements of traditional writing tools with a contemporary twist. We settled on a design that featured an old-style writing pen with a modern aesthetic, symbolizing the blend of classic craftsmanship and modern writing expertise.

Results: The final logo we designed for Words on Point was highly versatile, allowing her to use it across her marketing and sales materials. This personal branding logo helped set her apart from colleagues who often need a distinctive personal brand. Words on Point established a unique and memorable identity in her industry by having a professional and visually appealing logo.

Conclusion: Creating a personal branding logo requires careful consideration to properly reflect the individual and serve as an extension of their brand. In the case of Words on Point, we successfully crafted a logo that merged traditional and modern elements to showcase her expertise as a freelance writer.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design

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