The project

The Kennedy Sisters, a Real Estate Firm based in Oakville, approached us to develop the visual branding for their firm, specifically focusing on creating a logo that would effectively represent their brand.

Design process: The project began with an extensive discovery phase to gain a deep understanding of The Kennedy Sisters’ vision for their branding. Through in-depth discussions, we explored their perspectives, business objectives, target markets, and design preferences. With a clear understanding of The Kennedy Sisters’ brand direction, we designed multiple logo concepts for their review. Through an iterative refinement process, we collaborated closely with The Kennedy Sisters to create a final logo that would be versatile for print, digital, and social media applications.

Solution: During the discovery process, it became evident that The Kennedy Sisters favoured the idea of having an emblem as the cornerstone of their brand. They desired a logo that could be prominently displayed across various marketing and sales materials. Additionally, they preferred a simple black-and-white colour palette, which exuded modern elegance and timelessness.

Results: The final emblem we designed has become the cornerstone of The Kennedy Sisters’ brand. It appears prominently across all their materials and is easily recognized. Implementing a powerful emblem makes their logo stand out and helps establish a strong brand presence.

Conclusion: In this project, understanding the specific usage of the logo, particularly on real estate property signage, was crucial. By creating a powerful emblem that effectively represents The Kennedy Sisters’ brand, we ensured their logo stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design

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