The project

Sylvia A Carruthers, a Lawyer, approached us to develop the visual branding for her law practice, with a specific focus on creating a logo that would effectively represent her brand.

Design process: The project commenced with an extensive discovery phase to deeply understand Sylvia’s vision for her branding. We conducted in-depth discussions to uncover her perspectives, business objectives, target markets, and design preferences. When we clearly understood Sylvia’s brand direction, we designed multiple logo concepts for her review. Through an iterative refinement process, we collaborated with Sylvia to create a final logo that would be versatile for print, digital, and social media applications.

Solution: Sylvia preferred a typographic solution, which became the foundation for her visual brand. We focused on using her initials as the primary element of the logo design. The colour palette of blue and grey was chosen to convey a sense of calm and professionalism, while the typography utilized a modern sans-serif font that would stand the test of time. The final logo design reflected Sylvia’s vision and effectively represented her brand identity.

Results: The developed logo has been successfully implemented across Sylvia A Carruthers’ Law Practice and Consulting business. It serves as a visual representation of her brand and helps to create a cohesive and professional image for her services.

Conclusion: In this project, Sylvia clearly knew what she wanted for her visual branding, particularly the logo. Our role was to listen to her requirements and delve deeper into understanding the underlying reasons behind her design preferences. By actively collaborating and considering Sylvia’s perspective, we created a logo aligned with her vision and effectively represented her brand identity.

Our involvement

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