The project

Brand Heroes enlisted our services to design an online and printed version of the Seneca College Viewbook, a recruitment tool for international students. The digital version needed to be accessible online, incorporating video content, while the printed version would be designed as a standard booklet.

Design process: During the planning phase, in collaboration with Brand Heroes, we decided to use a digital Flipbook as the platform for the online viewbook. This choice was based on its ability to import PDFs, incorporate interactive pop-ups, embed video content, and easily share online. We began by designing a few pages from the digital viewbook for approval. Once approved, we proceeded to layout the entire booklet, including the interactive elements. Once approved, we uploaded the layout to the Flipbook platform and added the desired interactivity. After completing the digital viewbook, we designed the printed version.

Solution: Seneca College provided us with abundant high-quality photography, video content, and a strong visual brand, which we effectively leveraged in the design of the viewbook. The digital version was designed to be engaging for readers and featured numerous video resources and links to various sections of the Seneca website.

Results: Digital and printed viewbooks were utilized for several years as effective sales tools for international student recruitment. The digital viewbook was embedded on the Seneca website, and an offline version was made available for overseas recruiters to download when internet access was not stable.

Conclusion: By selecting the appropriate platform for the online viewbook, we efficiently produced a visually appealing and interactive flipbook. This choice facilitated ease of creation, updates, linking, and integration of various forms of interactivity. The Seneca College Viewbook served as a powerful tool in attracting and recruiting international students.

Our involvement

  • Graphic design
  • Digital flipbook development

We worked with

Seneca Digital Flipbook

Seneca Printed Viewbook