The project

Print Panther enlisted the services of Chris Noon Creative Inc. to design a promotional booklet that would showcase the advanced capabilities of their newest printer in varnish and foil finishing. The objective was to create a visually captivating and informative booklet that would impress potential and existing clients.

Design process: During the design process, we aimed to push the limits of the printer’s finishing capabilities. We combined dynamic photography with intricate linear illustrations to highlight the printer’s advanced features. To educate readers on how varnish and foil finishing works, we developed a series of “how-it-works” pages using an onion-skin technique. This technique allowed us to demonstrate the layering process of varnish and foil during printing, based on the construction of the design file.

Solution: The final promotional booklet successfully showcased the printer’s capabilities in a visually stunning way. The combination of vibrant imagery and detailed illustrations effectively conveyed the message of Print Panther’s cutting-edge technology. The “how-it-works” pages provided valuable educational content, allowing readers to understand the intricacies of varnish and foil finishing. The promotional booklet has since been repurposed multiple times as a showstopper promotional piece for both potential and existing clients, reinforcing Print Panther’s position as an industry leader.

Results: The promotional booklet created a lasting impact on Print Panther’s target audience. Its visually engaging design and informative content effectively communicated the printer’s capabilities and value proposition. The repurposing of the booklet for various promotional initiatives has proven its versatility and effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Conclusion: Through collaboration with Print Panther, we successfully designed a promotional booklet that effectively showcased their printer’s advanced capabilities in varnish and foil finishing. The combination of dynamic photography, intricate illustrations, and educational content resulted in a visually stunning and informative piece. The repurposing of the booklet for multiple promotional purposes demonstrated its versatility and enduring value as a marketing asset.

Our involvement

  • Graphic design