The project

The Niagara Workplace Planning Board (NWPB) partnered with Chris Noon Creative Inc. to design a comprehensive market research report for the Niagara region. The goal was to showcase the findings and recommendations derived from years of research conducted by NWPB. The report needed to be available in both print and downloadable PDF formats.

Design process: During the design process, we collaborated closely with NWPB to establish the desired look and feel of the report. We began by focusing on key pages to set the tone for the overall design. Creating a cohesive visual identity was essential using typography, photography, infographics, tables, and charts. We completed the entire report once the design direction was established and approved. We produced a print-ready PDF file according to the printer’s specifications and a downloadable PDF version for online distribution.

Solution: The final design of the NWPB Labour Market Report aimed to showcase the opportunities outlined in the research and highlight the progress in the Niagara region. Local photography was incorporated to visually represent the areas discussed in the report, providing a sense of place and relevance. Infographic callouts were strategically used to draw attention to key points on each page, enhancing the readability and engagement of the content.

Results: The market research report received positive feedback and was well-received by NWPB and its stakeholders. The design effectively illustrated the research findings and recommendations, making the content more accessible and visually appealing to readers.

Conclusion: In this project, understanding the nature of the content and collaborating closely with NWPB were crucial in properly presenting the report’s information and ensuring key insights were effectively communicated. We created a visually engaging report that effectively conveyed the research findings and recommendations by carefully considering the design elements and incorporating relevant visuals.

Our involvement

  • Graphic Design

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