The project

Insights RX, a data analytics and insights company in the pharmaceutical industry, approached us to design and build their new website. Their goal was to establish a strong online presence and effectively communicate their services and expertise to their target market.

Design Process: During the discovery phase, we worked closely with Insights RX to gain a deep understanding of their target market and define their unique positioning within the industry. They expressed their preference for developing the website on the Laravel framework. Extensive research was conducted on local competitors and industry-leading websites to ensure the design would be relevant and effective. Following a user-centered approach, we created wireframes and prototypes to validate design decisions. Once approved, we built the website, ensuring a clear understanding of the design and functionality requirements.

Solution: The final website for Insights RX incorporated a variety of design elements to effectively convey the nature of their data analytics and insights services. To simplify complex concepts, we utilized illustrations and stylized infographic elements that visually communicated the value they provided to their clients. The website had a modern and professional look, reflecting the innovative nature of Insights RX’s work. Development was carried out on the Laravel framework, aligning with their preference and providing scalability and flexibility for future enhancements.

Results: The newly designed and developed Insights RX website successfully achieved their goals. It effectively showcased their services, expertise, and value proposition to their target audience in the pharmaceutical industry. The engaging visuals and user-friendly interface improved the overall user experience, making it easy for visitors to navigate and access relevant information.

Conclusion: With their competitors focusing on business-centric stock photography, utilizing illustrations and infographics was an excellent opportunity to differentiate them from their competitors visually. Understanding their request for developing on the Laravel framework allowed us to ensure the website was built to their specifications and needs.

Our involvement

  • User experience design (UX)
  • User interface design (UI)
  • Development in Laravel

Desktop version of website

Mobile version of website