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Chris Noon Creative Inc. is different by design. We believe that assembling the right people—who work well together, with a unified purpose—is what will elevate your end results, and your overall brand. That’s why we’re set on bringing senior-level creative and technical specialists to every project. People who know their craft and who are sure to complement your own in-house talent.

A history of creativity


Launches Chris Noon Creative Services

With almost 14 years of experience jumping around the GTA in a wide variety of agencies and companies, Chris took the plunge and jumped out on his own. It was time to start building.


Rebranded as Chris Noon Creative Inc.

After a couple years of working freelance with some truly amazing companies, the company took a shift in direction to a creative studio model. It was time to incorporate and rebrand.



We increased the services we offered, hiring one more staff member. We also started to bring on some very talented writers and designers for projects. Finally, we partnered with an amazing local developer, Capper’s.

Present Day


Our team currently consists of two very friendly, full-time individuals, who work with an expanded team of five talented freelancers. And we continue to grow our sphere, by partnering and integrating with amazing agencies and local companies.

Chris Noon

Owner & Creative, Brand Director

During my career I have worked in various agencies and design studios across the GTA. I took that experience and passion, pouring my efforts into Chris Noon Creative Inc., My ability to scale a solution, develop and apply rock solid processes and play nice with others allow me to bring together talented senior individuals from different fields into some truly amazing adhoc teams.
When I’m not working, I hang out with my family, go on hiking adventures, play epic board and PC games and when the kids allow it, I even play my guitar.

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Michelle Noon

Editor & Proofreader, Project Manager

As a previous secondary educator, I took my decade’s worth of experience and poured it into working with those wanting to update the content of their websites or those needing to create content. I provide editing, proofing, and writing for companies wanting to strengthen their online presence and increase engagement from the user. I work alongside Chris Noon, of Chris Noon Creative Inc.,
When not working, I generally obsess over Doctor Who, Harry Potter, graphic novels and Marvel movies. I also enjoy playing board games, going on hikes and general shenanigans with my family.

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The Extended Team

Graphic Designers, Product Designers, Developers & Specialists

We have a strong network of other professionals that we can partner with, giving your company an edge over all-in-house studios or agencies. We can bring to the table senior-level talent that dramatically enhances a project, allowing each member of the extended team to focus on their core competencies and add their value to the project. We bring our AAA game to every solution.
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